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Visit the Swiss Internees' Association

Read about 3 other B-17's that landed in Switzerland.
These planes were from the 303rd BG; two of them were on the same mission to Oberpfaffenhofen on April 24, 1944.

Read about another B-17 on the same Oberpfaffenhofen mission .
Paul Stewart's crew, also of the 303rd BG, was not as fortunate.

Read about the man who started the American cemetery at Munsingen and helped hundreds of internees escape from Switzerland. Thanks to Phyllis Drees for finding this web site.

Read about another internee, 1LT George W. Mears, in Davos at the time of Baby's crew.
Lt. Mears was successful on his 3rd escape attempt!

Read about an escapee, Arthur Glenn Foster of the 91st BG.
Foster was not an internee, and was able to travel freely inside Switzerland.

Read about bombardier Charles Cassidy, another internee at Davos.
Cassidy escaped about the same time as Parramore and Steichen. He mentions the theft of the swastika in his story, although he did not know it was done by Garcia and Sampson.

Read a complete illustrated journal of 1LT Marshall Stelzriede, navigator of another B-17.
Baby and this B-17 were on the same mission to Frankfurt on January 29, 1944.

Read about the German Luftwaffe fighter pilot who shot down three B-17's and damaged two more during the raid on Oberpfaffenhofen.   Check his record for 24.4.44, his career best day. Thanks to Phyllis Drees for finding this web site.

Read about another B-17's fate in Switzerland on April 24, 1944.
(A Swiss site, in German.) Thanks to Mathias Weichelt of the Swiss National Library for this referral. You can also read the English language version of the same story.

Read about "Toonerville Trolley", another B-17 of the 92nd BG, that landed in Germany during the same April 24th mission to Oberpfaffenhofen. The web site is in German, but it has wonderful aerial photographs of the target Dornier factory and airfield after the bombing attack, plus maps of the mission route from Podington to Oberpfaffenhofen.
Read a shorter newspaper article (in English!).

Visit The Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum.
This is where the author's odyssey began.

Visit The 92nd USAAF - USAF Memorial Association.
See this group's reunion in "Retracing History" section.

Visit - a USAAF research site.

Visit Warbirds Resource Group,    USAAF Resource Center,   and Luftwaffe Resource Center.

Visit USAIRMEN, a site of US Bombers and Crews in Denmark & Sweden during WWII.

Visit Stragglers, a site of WWII landings in Sweden.

Visit the San Diego Aerospace Museum.

Read about the Collings Foundation.
See when a B-17 is coming to your neighborhood!